Friday, November 13, 2009

Back From Denver

Well we got back from Denver on Monday night. We had an pretty good time at the zoo, but it is just not the same the second time around, and Azimuth is a bit young to get the full affect. He thought the penguins were a hoot though.

I don't have any pictures because I just now found the camera. But here are some random ones for your visual enjoyment.

Here is Azimuth with his new pal Minty. His shirt looks awful, but he has just been drooling so much lately.

And here is another photo showing the joy that a newly crocheted toy can bring... For all of ten minutes. *sigh* At least I enjoy making them.

And here is what happens when you let a baby feed himself yogurt. There is some oreo mixed in for extra color. What Joy!

That was definitely a bath night.

Anyway, we are glad that Azimuth's daily dose of nasty tasting medicine is keeping him seizure free. We don't have to freak out when he holds his breath anymore. Yay for the wonders of modern medicine and for the wonders of government healthcare.

I might start posting some more crafts if you guys liked seeing Minty. I might post them even if you didn't, but let me know anyway. I like to craft in my free time, which happens to be few and far between, but I have discovered the joy of crochet and how much quicker it is then knitting. Plus I like how you can free form things as you go.

Thanks for reading. I will try to post more, but right now I have a Discovery Notebook to do and a paper and a presentation and other assignments that I won't bother to go into the boring details of.

That's all for now. Take care everyone.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Apologies for not posting. School has been crazy. I would like to note that Azimuth is now officially biting and chewing. I know it might sound rather trivial, but we do not miss the choking and the mushing.

In other food related news, I only have one picture available. I have misplaced my camera but husband used his special (and super-confusing) camera to get this lovely item. Azimuth got to eat a butter biscuit, some yogurt, and an oreo. Here is the aftermath.

This is one of those times where you don't even bother with wet wipes. Straight into the tub we went. Azimuth loves bath time. Hopefully this won't become incentive for making a mess. :)

In other news, Azimuth's seizures have come back. This time they are more frequent and we will be going down to Denver on monday. Poor boy has to go to the doctor on his birthday. We will have a party for him Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to all who sent presents and money. He will have so many gifts to open since I could not resist wrapping our presents for him too.

I will try to find my camera, or I will have Shawn take the pictures with his camera. I cannot take them unless I get step-by-step instructions. It is a pain with all the widgets and f-stops and other things. However, they do take beautiful photos.

Thanks for reading.