Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have not been the best blogger lately. We have all been keeping very busy and just returned from spending a week at my mom's house. What fun! And now a picturie journey of our time since school ended.

We spent some time in the library. Here is Azimuth in the cool loft they have there. He loves to climb the stairs and is eager to learn to climb back down. Sadly, he will not be able to go to storytime for a while because it is impossible for him to sit still, but we will still have our library time.

Here we are at my school. The whole family got to spend some time outside before it got so dreadfully cold. I really should have cropped out my shadow.

Here is Azimuth at my mom's house wearing a new hat. The big brown dog is named Muddy. The dogs all love to be in the pictures.

While we were in Billings there was a fire at an oil refinery. You could see the smoke from so far away. We got pictures. While we were at my mom's work there was an announcement that the coker had caught on fire. It was quite an exciting Christmas Eve. There was even insulation falling from the sky, but I never got a good picture.

Look what we found at my mom's work! We just had to bring him home. Luckily there were lots of clothes and presents waiting for this little guy.

Here is Azimuth just hanging out on his tigger ridey toy. His Great Grandma Doze got him this toy. Can you see the dog in this picture?

We took Azimuth to the mall and I couldn't resist putting him on one of those mechanical thingies. He wasn't so sure about the whole thing. Oh well, maybe when he is older.

Here is Gramma Sue's Christmas tree. Doesn't it just look lovely. There were more presents on Christmas day, but Gramma was worried her cat would try to unwrap them if we put them out too early.

I can't believe I didn't get any pictures on Christmas day. I was soo busy. This is the only one I got in the morning. Poor Gramma Sue, even her grown up children can't sleep on Christmas Eve. Azimuth thought it would be grand to get up at 5am and his uncles were both there to greet him and his restless mom.

Here is THE present. I am excited this is finally finished. I started this project when I was four months pregnant because I thought I should try a big project. It is green because I didn't even know whether he was a boy or girl when I started. Grammy bought the supplies at our local yarn shop. Thank you Grammy. I wish you were here to see how perfectly it fits. It just needs a button. Now I will be off to try something new.

I hope everyone has had a good holiday season. Keep us informed about how the rest of the world is doing. And for now, I say, Good Day.

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