Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Update

I have not posted in a while so I thought I would post a bunch of pictures that have piled up on my camera. We have been keeping busy helping Shawn's parents move out of their house and getting our house cleaned up. So here are the pictures.

Here is a picture of Azimuth sleeping. Doesn't he look just look like an angel.

Here is Zaza hanging out on the bed in one of Great Aunties outfits. Please ignore the mess.

We had a house guest for a while. This is a little dog we called bug-eyes. We later learned his name was Reese's Pieces. He was so noisy all night long. Little dogs have some crazy loud toe nails and take a million little steps.

Here are a couple of food eating pics. The first one is yogurt and the second is more avocado.

This picture is for Uncle Thom. See the little guitars on it. Sorry, I forgot to rotate the picture.

Here is Azimuth playing with his food cup and spoon. I turned around and he had it up to his mouth like he wanted to eat from it. Cute. He wants to drink from cups, but doesn't know what to do with them.

Here is another picture that I forgot to rotate. He was trying to have some fake hair.

Here is Azimuth and Granny.

Azimuth was helping out at the garage sale. Some people were startled because they thought there were puppies in the box.

Here is another box picture. Grandma Sue is blowing bubbles. He is not sure what to think about them.

A picture of Azimuth and Grandma Sue. How do you like the hat?

And here is Azimuth and his new bouncy swing. He loves this thing.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. There might be a slow down in posting over the summer. But we will have lots events and pictures to post. We will be going to two family reunions so the posts will be big. Have a great summer.

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