Saturday, May 9, 2009

Denver Trip

I wanted to post and tell everyone about our trip to Denver, CO. We had to go see a baby neurologist because Azimuth had a seizure awhile back, but he is okay. The doctor says he is developing on time and the seizure was unrelated to the abnormality on his MRI. We got to go to the zoo, so here are a ton of pictures.

Here is a picture of Denver from our hotel window. You can see Six Flags, but it was closed. Some of the rides were being tested though.

Here was a cool building we saw on our journey around the city. The red stuff on the windows is made of bricks.

Here is Azimuth waking up in the morning. He didn't want to sleep, so he was very sleepy all day long. The hotel room must have been too exciting.
Here are Shawn and Azimuth, ready to go into the zoo.

And here is a tired Azimuth. He just wouldn't sleep the night before.
The geese were very creative about where they made their nests. This one was right next to the path. People were not even a foot away from it and didn't even see it. The poor thing was a nervous wreck though. It was fun to walk around and find where the geese had tucked their nests. We even saw some egg shells and some goslings.

Here are some goslings. They looked green in person. The momma goose is chasing off another goose. I am not sure why they were fighting, but that is as close as I wanted to get. Geese are mean animals.

There were tons of peacocks all over the place. I did not see that many peahens though.

Here is a little crazy rodent thing. I think it is an elephant shrew.

Here are some Dromedary camels. These are huge in real life. They don't seem that big in pictures, but they are a lot bigger than horses.

I have no idea what this thing is called, but it thought those leaves were delicious. It has stripes on it's butt and looks like a mix between a giraffe an a zebra. These things were awesome.

Azimuth is posing with a snake. He looks so scared, but he didn't realize the snake was there. He is just hot and tired.

And here he is, looking super cool in his new hat. We had to get him one from the zoo shop because we forgot to bring his other hat.

I hope you enjoyed our pictures. There will be more on Azimuth's facebook. Let me know what you think. I apologize if anyone worried too much about Azimuth, he is fine and very happy. He tried some carrots today and he thought those were great but we don't have any pictures of him eating them.


  1. glad to hear all is well, he is such a cute baby! geese are nasty! maybe we could all go to the kansas city zoo while in kansas if you guys are up to it?

  2. That would be so fun. Azimuth sleeps through zoos, but his parents have a great time. :)