Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Azimuth just stood up. He fell shortly after, but there was a good period of balancing so it wasn't just a slow fall. We didn't have a chance to get a picture though.

So he has no teeth, but he has already stood unsupported.


  1. no teeth!? Standing!? what a guy!!!

    well, the world is a better place now that you're blogging again! thanks for the update.

    your family reunion in MT looks so much more relaxing than the one in KS :)

  2. Thanks, I really like posting what Azimuth is up to. Yay for social networking. It is a good excuse not to do homework.

    It was. The actual reunion was only one dinner, so we all had fun running around and seeing the town.

    I love this little guy, he dances and sings when there is music on.

    Hayden it getting so adventurous, lol. She sure is a pretty baby. :)