Friday, September 18, 2009

To celebrate the fact that Azimuth stood up, but also the realization that I don't have a big project due this tuesday, I have decided to bake a loaf of bread. But I didn't want just any boring old loaf of bread. I used our wok to steam up some read bread.

It looks like it should have flavoring in it, but it doesn't. So in the end, it just tastes extra bready. It really jazzes up a peanut butter sandwich. Here is the picture before it was cooked. I cut it up into smaller loaves, but I can't get the pictures to load. They ended up looking like lungs which is great for Halloween.

And here is Azimuth enjoying some of the delicious red bread. It looks like watermelon in this picture. He looks so tired because he hasn't been taking naps when he needs to lately.

Thanks you to everyone who had us over for reunions and accommodated us, transported us, gave us a car, got us into the zoo, and fed us this summer. We all had a great time.

That is all for now. Have a great day!

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