Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Playing Around

Here are some random picture of Azimuth playing around the house. I thought it would be fun to dress him up in my shirt.

This is a picture of him standing up with the shirt, but I took the picture right as he was falling. He is alright at standing and has taken a few hesitant steps.

And one more shirt picture, because I love the novelty of it.

Some Happy face pictures to finish off the post.

Azimuth is working on talking. His favorite words to say are "Today" and "Tickle Tickle Tickle". He is also learning signs. He signs 'more' and 'done', though I don't know if there is a connection for him with the meaning and the word. He is a lover of books. It seems he is always abusing a cardboard book in his free time. And he loves the beautiful picture Great Auntie knitted him. It makes him laugh. Maybe I will get a pic of that later. For now, that concludes our blog post.

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