Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meeting the New Landlord

So today we met our new landlords. Our previous landlord died around Christmas and his daughter inherited the property. Apparently the city does not supply water to dead people and we were without water for a couple of days. We survived and even got some dishes done before we put the water into our name, which means we get free laundry now. The new landlord got in touch with us and was very apologetic.

The landlords came by to install the non coin operated machines and Azimuth got to play with his new friend Nathan. Apparently our landlord's daughter is our age and has a baby boy who is one month older than Azimuth. He was standing and walking and saying some words and putting things in things. But Azimuth was much better at sharing. It was funny to watch them fight over pacifiers before we took them away.

We may be able to move into the apartment upstairs. It is much bigger and lets in more natural light. They would also let us pay the same amount of rent which is a bargain and there are plenty of places on the walls to hang up cupboards and put up shelves. I even have permission to put up cupboards if we move in. This would be a great place to raise Azimuth until we can move far far away from Casper.

Enough words. Time for pictures. Great Authie sent out this wonderful warm snowsuit some time ago and he looks so adorable in it. He is just too cute.

Here he is eating some roast beef. He doesn't look too interested but he was loving it before I took the picture. You know how they are. :)

And here he is drinking a capri-sun or the store brand equivalent. It is pretty much the only juice he really likes. He will tolerate white grape and apple if we water it down though. And that is a grilled cheese he is mutilating.

We were surprised to discover that one of Azimuth's most favorite foods is onions. We thought we would try to give him an onion just to see him spit it out, but he ate it all up. He also loves french fried onions, but we try not to give him to much of those. And sweet potatoes are another favorite. He developed a taste for applesauce, which he used to hate.

Well, I have wasted enough of your time talking about food. I hope you are getting better Great Grandma Jan.

Until next time.


  1. hey guys! glad to hear that life is good. the potential new apt. sounds great and I hope that works out. Love the snowsuit, great aunty has the best taste, doesn't she??

  2. She sure does. Thanks for your kind words. :)