Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Fun

Here are a few pictures of Azimuth lounging around on Sunday. The first one is him in his saucer.

And here is an action shot. He loves that purple hippo. There is mirror on the other side.

Here is Azimuth eating some mango. He likes it quite a lot.

Believe it or not, Azimuth loves to sit in that position. 

And here is a cat climbing around in some wrapping paper. 

Also here is a movie of Azimuth. We can't get the camera hooked up to this computer, but once we get it hooked up and I figure out how to edit there will be better videos. So here is a teaser. Here is what he looks like when he gets excited. 


  1. I talked to my mom and she mentioned Azimuth's MRI.... Keep us posted on the latest. You're in our thoughts and we're wishing you guys all the best-- sending positive vibes your way--

  2. He is doing fine. We will keep you posted. :)