Friday, March 27, 2009

Early Pictures

So, since everyone is asleep, I thought I would post some old pictures. These are from Azimuth was first born. I hope you enjoy.Here I am, waiting for Azimuth to meet us.

Here is the new baby.

And here is the new mom.

And here is momma and baby together. It is hard to believe he used to be too small for that dinosaur outfit. Now he is too big.

And a couple diaper changing pictures.

Here he is, gathering some minions.

And here is his first tub bath. Doesn't he look so happy? Momma is really nervous.

We are ready for our first Thanksgiving together. Could you believe Hometown Buffet didn't have cranberries?

This was our favorite onesie. There is the first photo of his "crazy eyes".

Wait a minute. What is that cat doing?

Here is a blurry close up of the elf ear.

And the rest are some random pictures from our last four months.

Well, I hope you enjoyed all these pictures. It is insane how small he was. I am so glad we have him. He is such a great little guy. He loves to look out the window and has started to notice the cats. He doesn't grab them though. What a smart baby. :) They grow up so fast.

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