Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grandma Sue Visits!!!

Azimuth was very excited this morning because Grandma Sue was coming over. He woke up early but had a nice long nap to give his parents some rest.

Azimuth was so happy to meet with his Grandma. She traveled all the way from Billings to see him. Azimuth loves to meet new people, and Grandma was amazed at how big he has gotten.

Uncle Thom also came with Grandma. This is the first time Thom and Azimuth have seen each other since shortly after he was born.

Here we are walking in the park. Azimuth is riding on daddy's shoulders for the off-road part of the journey.

Then Azimuth found a junkyard. He has a sharp eye for a baby.

Check out his awesome bike. Can you believe someone left it here?

Doesn't that chair look comfy?

And Uncle Thom found a new door for his car. What a find!

Of course, what would a walk be without the appropriate eyewear?

Look what we found!!! We get to take him home. Finders Keepers.

Here is the elusive smile. Well worth the wait. Grandma Sue is the best at getting him to smile.

And here is a family photo. We are all worn out after such a great day. Time for a nap.

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