Saturday, March 21, 2009

Haven't posted in a while, so...

Sorry for the wait. This week was full of the 'legal education' portion of this blog. I have been trying to catchup in my self-paced class, and have been getting back into the swing of things after spring break. Now, onto the update of Azimuth and his adventures.

Here he is in his adorable lion suit. Thanks to his Great Aunt for all the lovely stylish clothes. We have such a sharply dressed baby.

We have been taking Azimuth out for walks quite a bit lately. No better way to unwind after school.

What on earth is this worm like thing?

It is a baby, staying out of the sun. He is sleepy, but has a problem with going to sleep when he needs to.

Here he is laying in a park during one of our walks. See the cool grate in the back ground?

Here we are on the way back from our walk. See the 'baby leash' on the right side of the carriage. Hasn't failed on us yet.

Here we are on the corner of our street. About to go on a long walk. These photos are certainly not in chronological order.

And here is Azimuth, waiting for the parents to finish eating. You can't see it, but we are in McDonald's. You can glimpse the tables in the corners of the frame.

Azimuth is impatiently waiting for us to go home so he can nap.

Here are some random shots from throughout week. Right now he is napping. But here he is, playing in his crib. He was really making that diaper wipe box move around. He has lots of upper arm strength. Not so good on the coordination though.

We got really hungry one day. Hmm... what should we make?

Here is Azimuth relaxing while mamma travels around the world wide web.

Azimuth loves to watch cars, so I got a picture of his favorite corner. However, it didn't turn out well, because it was night.

And here he is getting a bath. See how modest he is? He usually has more fun, but he is very camera-aware.

I hope you enjoyed this week in our household. We sure did, but enjoying such wonderful weather can be very tiring. We will need to rest before any homework gets done.


  1. What a sweet baby! I loved seeing his pictures. I remember putting my oldest (as a baby) in a pot too. Cooking with baby! Enjoy him. I know you are!

  2. Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. Your kids are adorable.