Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old Stuff

Hello everyone. I was looking through some old papers and I found our wedding pictures on cd. I thought I would post them here. Thank you everyone who attended. I hope you all had a great time. And without further ado, I give you our wedding:

Here is the man of the hour. Looking sharp in his suit.
And here is a picture of the happy couple. The flowers are from my Grandma Doze's garden.

Here is the ceremony. The minister was a Unitarian Universalist. He did a great job.

Here is a different angle of the ceremony. You can see our ring bearer, Nathaniel and our flower girl, Lily.

Here is the cake being cut. It was delicious.

What would a wedding be without a pinata?

And here is our friend Bean!. He came all the way from California to see us. I was so glad he could make it.

Here is a picture of us and our parents. (From the left: Tony, Sue, Laura, Shawn, Tamara, and Greg.)

Here is my whole family. (From the left: Ben, Tony, Barb, Laura, Susan, Shawn, Marion, and Thom.)

Here is Shawn's family. (From the left: Courtney, Sandra, Monica, Gary, Bean, Laura, Nathaniel, Shawn, Tamara, Greg, Jan, Ray, Front: Troy, Ruby, Cynthia, Julia, Lily.)

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I was so glad to find them. Hopefully we can get more room on our camera soon so that we can get more pictures up soon.

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