Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Momma's Update

Today I got a letter in the mail saying I am invited to join veritas honors institute at Casper College. I don't know if I should join. It sounds like some kid of cult to me. But unlike those jerks at Phi Theta Kappa, I can afford this!!! So I will probably join. Here is a link to college site:

Also, I will be attending the Legal Assistants of Wyoming (LAW) conference on April. We will also be holding a chili fundraiser in April for Criminal Justice Club. I might have to miss the Criminal Justice field trip to Denver in order to attend the conference.

Also, I lost my calender/day planner, so maybe I will get a new one for my birthday. On my birthday, I get to register for classes, and I have a ton of homework due. But I will have a cake at the very least.

Azimuth is growing so big. We need to make more room on our camera to take pictures, so there are none for right now. He is now ticklish, and I don't think he likes it. Everyone has complimented on his good head control. However, he is opposed to rolling over. He HATES tummy time. But he loves to talk, and grouches in his car seat.

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